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FRIDAY, August 18, 2011 12:00

For Building Owners

One of the key components of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Ready Business program is emergency planning...

NEW: The Insurance Standard Organization (ISO) has announced that starting in 2013, a major insurance rating revision that will reflect the current trends in fire prevention, fire protection and the local insurance ratings...
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For First Responders

By providing intelligence of the key structures, systems, and contents of a building in an easy to view format along with field operations guidelines specific to that building, First Responders can more quickly assess an emergency and can more safely and effectively carry out their response operations...
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How eBICard Works

1. Building Owner logs into eBICard and enters building information into Wizard (including any out-of-service fire protection system and temporary building conditions that could hinder first responder and property management efforts).

2. The eBICard application takes this information and automatically generates an eBICard for each building and automatically populates viewers with this building data so that upon logging into eBICard, First Responders have access to this information in an organized, logical format.

3. First Responders log into eBICard and vet the building information, create field operations guidelines unique to each building, and have the ability to map geospatially aggregate information of different types (such as hazardous materials) with links to the current weather conditions of each location.

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What is eBICard?

Designed and built for Building Owners and First Responders, eBICard (electronic Building Information Card application) is a user-friendly, web-based solution that facilitates the process of entering critical building information and provides tools for viewing, maintaining, reporting, mapping and sharing that information. The eBICard program is a systematic and comprehensive approach for building information maintenance with the purpose to assist first responders and building owners in mitigating risks in an emergency response. Members of eBICard can easily retrieve critical building data during an emergency. Also, members appreciate the easy-to-use building intelligence dashboard and straightforward features of the eBIC portal through an affordable monthly or annual subscription.

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